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Stanislaw Drzewiecki's Tour in Japan

Monday, 27 September 2004

On October 26th Stanislaw Drzewiecki is beginning his fourth tour in Japan. He is scheduled to give Chopin recitals in 9 concert halls including Hiroshima / 27.10./, Osaka and the famous „Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall” /31.10./. The last recital is scheduled for November 5th. The tour is organized by a well-known Koransha agency.


F.Chopin: Polonaises, Op. 40,
Nocturnes, Op.27
Scherzo in c sharp minor
Waltz, Op.34
Mazurkas, Op.51
Sonata in b flat minor, Op.35
Polonaise in A flat Major, Op.53

Concert no. 1 - SHIGA - Mizuguchi Bunka Geijutsu Kaikan, October 26

Concert no. 2 - HIROSHIMA - Kure-Shi Bunka Hall, October 27

Concert no. 3 - WAKAYAMA - Wakayama Kenmin Bunka Kaikan, October 29

Concert no. 4 - OSAKA - Osaka Sayama-Shi Bunka Kaikan, October 30

Concert no. 5 - TOKIO - Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall, October 31

Concert no. 6 - FUKUSHIMA - Kitakata Plaza Bunka Center, November 3

Concert no. 7 - YAMAGATA - Okitama Bunka Hall, November 4

Concert no. 8 - IBARAKI - Kashima-Shi Kinrou Bunka Kaikan, November 5

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Recitals and Concerts

On Tuesday a chamber concert featuring Chopin Duo and Konstanty Andrzej Kulka is held at Swietokrzyska Philharmonic in Kielce, Poland. The program features works by Chopin, Brahms and Gasieniec.

Pawel Kubica performs an all-Chopin program at Dom Polonii in Cracow, Poland.

Monika Rosca performs an all-Chopin program in the Royal Lazienki Park in Warsaw. The recital is organized by Tour Operator Polish Landscape.

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