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Reports about Chopin events, Chopin-related articles and reprints. We encourage you to send us your texts, interesting articles, or reports on Chopin events.

After Stanislaw Drzewiecki's US Tour
Monday, 24 April 2006
Stanisław Drzewiecki has finished another concert tour of the United States. On March 19, 2006 he appeared at the Roswell Cultural Arts Center with a recital organized by the Chopin Society of Atlanta.

Chopin Gift from Gazeta Wyborcza
Monday, 27 February 2006
Today's Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza comes complete with a CD of Chopin's works interpreted by Rafał Blechacz, the 1st prize winner of the International Chopin Piano Competition held last October. The CD includes Blechacz's intepretations recorded during the first and the second stage of the Competition

Rafał Blechacz Awarded the Chair of the Year 2005
Friday, 17 February 2006
Winner of the 15th Chopin Competition in Warsaw, Rafał Blechacz, has received the Chair of the Year 2005. The award has been granted annually for the past 17 years by The Warsaw Voice magazine to people, institutions and even things which exerted the greatest impact on the Polish reality or on the feelings of Poles in the passing year.

The Photo Album of the 15th Internetional Frederic Chopin Competition. Limited edition
Thursday, 19 January 2006
A document and at the same time an artistic attempt to capture a great event. Gestures, movement, emotions. Joy and sadness, and music encapsulated in images. 112 large-format photo reproductions printed on thick snow-white art paper. The photographs were taken by Dominik Skurzak, the official photojournalist of the 15th Competition.

Tour of laureates of the 15th Chopin Competition and of National Philharmonic Orchestra in Japan
Thursday, 19 January 2006


Winner of the 15th International Chopin Competition, Rafał Blechacz has received a prestigious Passport Award conferred by the Polityka magazine.
Wednesday, 18 January 2006
Polityka confers the annual Passport Award to young original artists. This year's winner in the Music category is Rafał Blechacz, well known to Chopin music lovers around the world.

Results of the 15th International F. Chopin Piano Competition
Saturday, 22 October 2005
On Saturday at 1 a.m. in the morning, the jury chaired by Prof. Andrzej Jasinski announced the results of the 15th International F. Chopin Piano Competition. The winner of the Competition 2005 is Polish pianist Rafał Blechacz, who is also rewarded for the best performance of mazurkas, polonaise and concerto. The second prize has not been awarded and the third has gone to two South Korean pianists Dong Hyek Lim and Dong Min Lim.

Pure Beauty
Saturday, 22 October 2005
RAFAŁ BLECHACZ, a 20-year-old very modest but extremely gifted young artist, has won the title of the best Chopin pianist of 2005! Apart from the First Prize and Gold Medal, he has received a number of special awards...

Let the Romanza Be a Romanza
Thursday, 20 October 2005
The Concerto in E Minor op. 11, chosen more often by the finalists, is a very mature piece and this probably explains why it was chosen by 10 of the candidates. We will hear the Concerto in F Minor only twice. It is said that the Chopin Competition is won by those who end their performances with the more mature work: the bravura double scales in E Major; who, playing the Romanza-the slow movement, can say everything ''from their hearts.''

A Striking Contrast
Tuesday, 18 October 2005
Mazurkas, a polonaise and a sonata. These include almost everything needed to provide a full picture of the skills of candidates for the Chopin Grand Prix 2005.
How should one play a stylish mazurka? This is one of the challenges for everyone who wants to face the Chopin repertoire. When trying to discover the secrets of this mazurka style, the famous Aleksander Michałowski in the 19th century requested the elderly Duchess Marcelina Czartoryska, one of the most talented students of Chopin, to play a few mazurkas.


The Home Stretch
Tuesday, 18 October 2005
Is it possible that the composition of the final dozen in the 15th Chopin Competition expresses the trend that there is a swift current of piano talents flowing from the countries of the Far East, while only three "locals": two Poles and a Russian born in Kiev, who actually has Polish ancestors and a Polish-sounding name, will try to stand up to them? Where's the rest of Europe? Where are the famous piano schools: French, Italian, Scandinavian?

Results of the 2nd Stage of the 15th International F. Chopin Piano Competition
Sunday, 16 October 2005
By decision of the Jury of October 16th, 2005, twelve participants have qualified for the Finals of the 15th International F. Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw.

And Then There Were 32...
Friday, 14 October 2005
The United States are represented by three pianists; two of them are of Korean origin and one is Japanese. There are also two Russians, and one representative each from Austria, Canada, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Ukraine.

Results of the 1st Stage of the 15th International F. Chopin Piano Competition
Wednesday, 12 October 2005
By decision of the Jury of October 11th, 2005, thirty two participants have qualified for the second stage of the 15th International F. Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw.

Etudes Brutus
Tuesday, 11 October 2005
Chopin was known as the poet of the piano, the muse of the keyboard - this was how he was sometimes described. He was also a great discoverer and inventor of a new technique of piano playing and a new sound. He always looked for new, technical solutions and effects. He continually ''dressed up his ideas in the refined attire of musical poems.''

First time in jury
Monday, 10 October 2005
Yes, it is. Actually, until not long ago my contacts with Poland were limited. For the first time I visited Chopin's country two years ago at the invitation of Piotr Paleczny. I fell in love with Duszniki and Poland in general. And here I am again, this time as a juror.

Talents Show Up!
Wednesday, 05 October 2005
The first two days of the 15th Competition are over. Among the 80 participants who qualified for the first stage, 27-year-old Fumio KAWAMURA from Japan was first to play. He is an experienced pianist who attempts to create the proper atmosphere of Chopin music as much as possible. The Scherzo in B Minor, with big contrasts between the dramatic and lyrical fragments, was a strong point in his recital.


No Need to Gild the Lily
Tuesday, 04 October 2005
"If you compare me with other prize winners, my plans after the Competition were rather unusual. The way which brought me to music, to Chopin and to the Competition, was so different from other people. I had started preparing only three years before the Competition. I lived in Moscow at the time." - interview with Dang Thai Son

Events Accompanying the 15th International F. Chopin Piano Competition
Friday, 30 September 2005


Playing Chopin Like Chopin
Wednesday, 28 September 2005
Jan. 23, 1927 is a historic date because of the inauguration in Warsaw of the Frédéric Chopin International Piano Competition. The first participant was Bolesław Woytowicz. The competition began at the initiative of Jerzy Żurawlew, who—as a heir to the romantic Chopin tradition taken over from Prof. Aleksander Michałowski—was disturbed by increasingly widespread opinions that Chopin was “not modern enough and too subtle.”

New System Works Fine
Wednesday, 28 September 2005
Third day of preliminaries to the 15th International F. Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw Prof. Andrzej Jasiński, chair of the jury, talks to Jan Popis

Frederick Chopin and the Kolberg Brothers and Their Times. Friendship, Work, Fascinations
Monday, 26 September 2005


Monsieur Chopin
Friday, 29 July 2005
Monsieur Chopin, a new play featuring the romantic story and music of the Polish pianist-composer Frédéric Chopin, will have its world preview premiere at Chicago’s Royal George Theatre, 1641 North Halsted Street on Tuesday, August 30, 2005.

15th Paderewski Days Festival
Thursday, 02 June 2005


Winners of the 7th National American F. Chopin Piano Competition 2005
Wednesday, 06 April 2005
For eight days (March 5 -13) twenty four most talented American pianists fought for victory in the 7th American Chopin Competition. The jury, which consisted of internationally accalaimed pianists including Janusz Olejniczak, Tatiana Shebanova and Krzysztof Jablonski, selected six best pianists.

Celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of Wroclaw Philharmonic - US Tour
Thursday, 17 March 2005
On April 21st, 2005, the W. Lutoslawski Philharmonic Orchestra, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Philharmonic, will go on tour of America. Five concerts will be held from April 21st until April 26th in Philadelphia, Trenton, New York and Goshen. The Orchestra will be conducted by Mariusz Smolij and soloists will include eminent Polish musicians: pianist Stanislaw Drzewiecki and singers Ewa Biegas, Jadwiga Rappé, Adam Zdunikowski and Piotr Nowacki. The program will feature, among others, Piano Concerto in e minor by Chopin, Little Suite by Lutoslawski and Symphony no. 3 in D Major by Tchaikovsky.

Laureates of the Polish Radio Prizes for the Best Performance of Mazurkas in Chopin Competitions
Wednesday, 02 March 2005
The concert, which featured Dang Thai Son and was held on March 2nd at the W. Lutoslawski Studio, marked the beginning of a new concert series - "Laureates of the Polish Radio Prizes for the Best Performance of Mazurkas in Chopin Competitions" - organized by Programme 2 of the Polish Radio.

Winners of the 3rd Northwest Chopin Festival
Tuesday, 15 February 2005
On February 12th a one day Chopin Festival-Competition, organized by the Northwest Chopin Council of the CFUS, was held in Seattle. 70 of the state’s best young pianists participated in the competition.


Winners of the National Polish F. Chopin Piano Competition 2005
Monday, 07 February 2005
The National Polish F. Chopin Piano Competition, which featured 26 musicians, ended on Sunday, February 6th. The jury under the presidency of Prof. Kazimierz Gierzod decided to give the first prize to Rafal Blechacz, a twenty year old pianist from the Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz. The second prize went to Piotr Banasik from Katowice, third to Piotr Szych and the remaining awards were granted to Szczepan Konczal, Lukasz Trepczynski and Krzysztof Trzaskowski.

Chopin Manuscript Sells at Sotheby's
Thursday, 09 December 2004
The Polish Ministry of Culture has purchased a 3-page manuscript of Etude no. 4 in c sharp minor, Op. 10 by Chopin for 300 thousand pounds.

Seventh National Chopin Piano Competition
Friday, 19 November 2004


Children Rescued from Oblivion: Virtuosos for Children
Thursday, 18 November 2004
On December 2nd, 2004, the Ludvig van Beethoven Association and the Polish Humanitarian Organization stage a special concert at National Philharmonic in Warsaw. The organizers wish to draw the attention of the general public to the fate of all children around the world who suffer due to terrorist attacks, wars, hunger and natural disasters.

Chopin from the Polish Soul
Monday, 15 November 2004
While the music of Frederic Chopin (1810-1849) is often associated with the prettified atmosphere of the Parisian salon, his “Sonata in B-flat Minor,” Opus 35 transcends the heady musical aroma of French perfume. This score is a stormy, dramatic peroration that tests both the technique and artistry of any pianist bold enough to attempt it. The 17 year old Polish piano protégé Stanislaw Drzewiecki gave an incredibly gripping performance of this keyboard monument on October 17 at the University of Miami’s Gusman Concert Hall – part of “Chopin – In Memoriam, A Celebration,” a joint presentation of Festival Miami 2004 and the Chopin Foundation of the United States.

Interpreting Chopin
Thursday, 28 October 2004
Chopin's music has always posed a challenge to pianists. His compositions have retained a universal popularity and continue to be performed in virtually all corners of the world. They have been recorded and re-recorded in their thousands, so Chopin is apparently 'well-represented' - but many interpretative, and more particularly textural, issues with respect to his music have yet to be resolved.

II Piano Festival in Warsaw
Friday, 15 October 2004
The idea behind the Festival is to promote young talented pianists, both from Poland and abroad. This year's edition of the festival features young virtuosos who have already won major international awards at the most prestigious musical competitions.

Stanislaw Drzewiecki's Tour in Japan
Monday, 27 September 2004
On October 26th Stanislaw Drzewiecki is beginning his fourth tour in Japan. He is scheduled to give Chopin recitals in 9 concert halls including Hiroshima, Osaka and the famous „Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall”. The last recital is scheduled for November 5th.

Stanisław Drzewiecki's Artistic Trip to the US
Thursday, 23 September 2004
Following his successes in New York and Los Angeles, Stanislaw Drzewiecki, a seventeen-year-old Polish pianist, winner of Grand Prix at the Eurovision Competition in 2000, debuts on October 10th at Chicago's Symphony Center Orchestra Hall.

Warsaw Phiharmonic Symphonic Orchestra on Tour in Japan
Tuesday, 14 September 2004
The Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Antoni Wit embark on a two-week tour in Japan. Soloists include two laureates of the International F. Chopin Piano Competition in Poland - Kevin Kenner and Philippe Giusiano, and Takahiro Seki. The program contains both Piano Concertos by Chopin as well as works by Sibelius, Dvorak, Brahms, Lutoslawski and Kilar. The concerts are scheduled to take place among others in Yokohama, Tokyo, Osaka and Nagasaki.


"To Chopin" - Duda-Gracz
Friday, 06 August 2004
Preliminaries for the 15th Chopin Competition conincide with the opening of the painting exhibition „To Chopin” by Jerzy Duda-Gracz (1941 – 2004). „To Chopin” is the first exhibit to show all of Frederick Chopin’s works rendered in painting. The exhibit, which includes 295 paintings, is open from September 23rd until November 5th at the Polish National Opera in Warsaw.

Chopin and Jazz at the Chopiniana Festival - photos
Friday, 30 July 2004


New Chopin Centre
Saturday, 03 April 2004
On Friday (April 2nd, 2004) Minister of Culture Waldemar Dąbrowski officially announced that a new Chopin Centre will be established in Warsaw. The Fryderyk Chopin Institute will be responsible for the project.


Chopin Poster Exhibition
Friday, 12 March 2004
On February 19th, 2004 InfoChopin opened a Chopin exhibition in Warsaw. Thanks to the kindness of organizers of the most important Chopin competitions and festivals posters from the last 8 years were gathered. Besides Polish posters the exhibit includes Chopin & Friends Festival posters from New York.

Britain Honours Concert Pianist Murray Perahia
Monday, 08 March 2004
The internationally renowned American pianist Murray Perahia has been awarded an honorary KBE by Her Majesty the Queen, in recognition of his outstanding service to music. The award will be presented by the Foreign Secretary at a ceremony on 8 March.

Birthday Concert at National Philharmonic
Monday, 08 March 2004
On March 1st, a concert commemorating Chopin's 194th birth anniversary was held at National Philharmonic in Warsaw. It was the third Chopin Birthday Concert organized jointly by the Fryderk Chopin Institute and the National Philharmonic.

InfoChopin Launch
Tuesday, 24 February 2004
On February 19th, a grand Launch of InfoChopin Programme was held in Mercure Fryderyk Chopin hotel in Warsaw.

Fifth Hamamatsu Piano Competition Is Over
Monday, 24 November 2003
On Sunday November 23rd the 5th Hamamatsu International Piano Competition ended. The jury decided not to grant the 1st prize. Rafał Blechacz from Poland and Alexander Kobrin from Russia are joint second prizewinners.

Third Stage of the Hamamatsu Piano Competition
Wednesday, 19 November 2003
Results of the third stage of the Hamamatsu Piano Competition have already been announced. Six pianists, among whom there are representatives of Japan, Poland, Ukraine and Russia, will take part in the Finals.

After the Second Stage of Hamamatsu Competition
Tuesday, 18 November 2003
Results of the second stage of Hamamatsu Piano Competition were announced in the evening of November 17th. 13 participants will continue their fight in the third stage.


Recap of the 1st Stage of the Hamamatsu Competition
Sunday, 16 November 2003
The first stage of the Hamamatsu Piano Competition is over. 25 participants will take part in the next stage.

Chopin Monument in Tirana
Thursday, 13 November 2003
On November 12th, 2003 Alexander Kwaśniewski unveiled a Chopin monument in Tirana, capital of Albania. It is the only monument of the composer and of a foreigner in this country.

Chopin Monument in Wroclaw
Wednesday, 12 November 2003
It has been five years since Wroclaw Circle of the F. Chopin Society in Warsaw started organizing Chopin Forums, annual Festivals during which inhabitants of Wroclaw have the opportunity to listen to talented young pianists. The Forum commemorates young Chopin's visits to Wroclaw and a concert he gave here in the first days of November 1830.

Frederick Chopin's works
Tuesday, 01 July 2003
A vast majority of all compositions written by Chopin are works for solo piano. Besides them there are also pieces for piano and orchestra, piano and cello, trio for piano, violin and cello, songs for voice with piano.

Frederick Francois CHOPIN, the most eminent Polish composer
Frederick Francois CHOPIN, the most eminent Polish composer, was born in 1810 in Zelazowa Wola (around 50 km away from Warsaw) in the estate of count Skarbek, where Frederick's father (of French descent), Nicholas Chopin, lived and worked as tutor...

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